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玻璃屋及玻璃棚 Green House and Glass Shed

玻璃屋及玻璃棚 Green House and Glass Shed

玻璃屋及玻璃棚1 玻璃屋及玻璃棚2

組合式玻璃屋 Modular Glass House
◢  有別於傳統組合屋 , 可多拆多裝
◢  Simply and convenient designed for numerous disassembly and assembly purpose.


玻璃屋 Glass House
◢ 框料顏色  : 焗白、香檳色、銀白、古銅、*噴粉灰 (此顏色須較大呎吋才供選擇)
◢ 玻璃顏色  : 光片、淺綠色、茶色
◢ Frame Colours: White, Champagne, Silver, Bronze,
*Gray (only available in large-scale order)
◢  Glass Colours: Clear, Light green, Bronze


玻璃屋及玻璃棚7 玻璃屋及玻璃棚6

玻璃屋及玻璃棚5 玻璃屋及玻璃棚4 玻璃屋及玻璃棚3

玻璃棚 Glass Shed

◢ 外型美觀
◢ 能有效阻擋雨水

◢ Nice Appearance
◢ Can effectively prevent the rain

*可加裝電動天窗, 排走屋棚內積聚的熱氣
Electric roof window is an option , allowing fresh air into the space

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