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自1979年在香港成立,主要從事各類型鋁合金門窗、不銹鋼及鍛鐵製品的設計、生産、供應及安裝,兆豐實業有限公司(Siu Fung Co. Ltd.) 更在2000年成立,不斷發展多源化產品,包括組合屋、貨架、玻璃屋、玻璃外牆、金屬外牆、太陽擋、趟摺門、捲閘及家具,並向各類建築工程公司及個別業主提供所需之優質產品及服務。由於質量可靠,服務周全,産品新穎,適應市場需要,公司業務發展迅速,由經營門市商鋪,發展至自設工廠生産供應,擴展分店業務及組織安裝隊伍,獨立完成整項工程。本公司在深圳平湖自設生産工廠,佔地為四萬多平方尺,分別爲辦公大樓,宿舍及廠房兩座,總樓面面積為六萬多平方尺;員工約二百多人,包括管理人員及技術工人,共同合作生產高質量產品。生産過程分爲鋁、鋼及鐵車間部門,參照ISO9001國際品質系統來執行,提高品質標準,迎合顧客需要。

Siu Fung Aluminium Engineering Co. Ltd

was established in 1979. Main business is the design, manufacture, supply and installation of various building products such as aluminum windows and doors; stainless steel gates and railing; and iron works. Siu Fung Company Ltd. was also established in 2000 for the development of diversified business on prefabricated house, metal rack & shelves, green house, glass window wall & cladding,sunscreen,folding door, roller shutter, household and furniture to satisfy the different requirement of our clients. Those high quality products are provided to various clients from developers, main contractors and individual flat owners.Based on our reliable quality, competent service, continuous improved design and market awareness, Company developed retail shops and owned factory,branches development and skilled installation teams. Company could solely complete all individual processes of products.Company has set up own factory more than 40,000 square feet site area in Shenzhen Pinghu. It includes two blocks of factory, an office building and quarters. The total floor area is around 60,000 square feet. Two hundred staffs including management staffs and skilled labours are responsible for producing high quality products.The manufacturing processes are divided into three main kinds of metal works :aluminum, stainless steel and iron. They are following their own quality systems under ISO9001 for manufacturing high quality products to satisfy the requirement of our clients.