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趟摺門 Bi-Folding Door

趟摺門 Bi-Folding Door


◢ 可內置一個平開門扇,用於給個別空間通風
◢ 可根據需要給通道門扇配備內外側均可操作的帶鎖傳動執手
◢ 安裝有滾珠軸承的滑輪使得門扇構件極易滑動
◢ 可以給三至七個門扇構件配置不同規格的五金件
◢ 採用周邊密封,密封性很高,隔熱和隔音效果極佳

◢ Individually opening swing door is an option for ventilation
◢ Two-sides lever handles option available for single action multi-point locking system
◢ Allowing ‘frictionless’ movement when sliding by using wheels with bearings.
◢ Several different parts can be used to form numbers of opening combination
◢ Improving thermal and sound insulations performance by using rubber seals on every edges of door panel


◢ 德國GU配件
– 頂及底部轆
– 抽手
– 多點鎖

◢ German GU accessories including:
– Top and bottom bearing wheels
– Hinges and handle
– Multipoint locking systems


◢ 蘑菇型鎖頭可提高安全性,並且補償槽口間隙的效果極佳
◢ The­ self-adjusting mushroom cam pro­vides enhanced security and opti­mised clear­ance compen­sa­tion

◢ 顏色 : 焗白、香檳、噴灰
◢ Colours: White, Champagne, Gray

◢ 室內及戶外環境融為一體
◢ 多種開門方式 : 中間及側面

◢ Several panel opening configurations for different purposes.
◢ Offering a wide field of view, combining the interior and exterior to create an open space.



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